5 Business Cards

Buisiness Card 5 Buisiness Card 53 Buisiness Card 52 Buisiness Card 545 Business Cards

1) In this project, I used my logo i made in photoshop, and put it in the program InDesign. I used the shape, color, layer, and text tools in InDesign.

2) I liked that we are doing stuff with our personal logo

3) I did not like using InDesign. It felt Limited.

4) In this project, I learned the basics of InDesign.

South Pointe Handbook Cover

South Pointe Handbook Cover

1) In this project, I used the paint brush tool, the layer effect tool, the layer mask, layer order, shape tool, free transform, and the text tool.

2) I liked the designing factor of this project, as well as the face of a challenge against other contestants.

3) I didn’t like that this project was for a school that I don’t go to.

4) In this project, I didn’t really learn how to do anything new. I basically used all the tools that I’ve learned in the past for this project.