5 Business Cards

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1) In this project, I used my logo i made in photoshop, and put it in the program InDesign. I used the shape, color, layer, and text tools in InDesign.

2) I liked that we are doing stuff with our personal logo

3) I did not like using InDesign. It felt Limited.

4) In this project, I learned the basics of InDesign.

South Pointe Handbook Cover

South Pointe Handbook Cover

1) In this project, I used the paint brush tool, the layer effect tool, the layer mask, layer order, shape tool, free transform, and the text tool.

2) I liked the designing factor of this project, as well as the face of a challenge against other contestants.

3) I didn’t like that this project was for a school that I don’t go to.

4) In this project, I didn’t really learn how to do anything new. I basically used all the tools that I’ve learned in the past for this project.



I used the text, shape, layer effect, text effect, polygonal select, path, and brush tools for this project.

I liked that we got to make something that we could possibly use for a future job, and i also liked that it was about me.

I didn’t like that I had so little time to do this project.

In this project, I learned how to adjust text and layer effects to make them look more readable. I also learned the important parts of a resume.

Self Portrait

Self Portrait

In this project, I used the pen tool to create paths, the color picker tool to chose the colors in the image, and the fill bucket tool to fill the selected areas with that color.

My favorite part of this project was that it wasn’t healing or cloning so much as picking areas of different colors, and finding where those colors transition to different ones, as well as the shapes they formed. This is something I have a lot of experience with, so it was fairly easy.

The only thing I didn’t like about this project was how long it took to select and make the work paths.

During this project, I learned how to use the pen tool efficiently, and I also learned how to make work paths.