Ripped Sailor

Ripped Sailor

In this project, I used the healing and cloning tools for the majority, but i also had to mess around with selection duplication and labor order as well.

What i liked about this project was that it was like piecing together an advanced puzzle, and it was very challenging having to recreate the missing pieces.

I didn’t like how frustrating it was to redo some pieces that I messed up.

In this project, i learned advanced retouching,

I’m Famous

I'm Famous

In this project, I used the healing, paint bucket, and paint push tools, as well as the layer mask and layer adjustment options to edit the colors to match the colors of the original photo as closely as I could.

My favorite thing about this project is that we were able to learn more advanced methods of layer editing.

The only thing I didn’t like about this project is that the lighting in the picture of me couldn’t be closely matched with the original picture. There were high amounts of reflection from the backdrop used to take the picture of me.

In this project, I learned how to use layer adjustments like curve, hue/saturation, color balance, etc.

Jake Begley

About Me

In this picture, i used the layer mask tool, the fill tool, the magic wand tool, the brush tool, and some layer effects such as outer glow, text, and drop shadow.

My favorite part about this project is that i was able to incorporate some of my traditional drawings that i did on paper with a pen and a pencil.

The part that i liked least about this project was the lack of more advanced tools and effects that were used.

While creating this project, i learned the basics of using photoshop as well as how to use one of the most helpful tools, the layer mask. I also learned that it is a bad idea to use the eraser tool.